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  • What are we Reading? Prospect 5th graders are working to read 40 books this school year! Here are their latest reviews:

    Posted by Evan, Rachel, & Morgan at 3/19/2017

    What are we reading?


    Evan - 40 Book Challenge

    I finished a book called Weird but True. The author is Emma Morano. There are 312 pages in the book. One fact it says is the universe is flat; another fact is Bulls are color blinded; the final fact is Sharks do not want to bite you they just are curios what you taste like. I loved this book!


    Morgan - 40 Book Challenge

    The book I read was called The One and Only Ivan. The author is Katherine Applegate. It has 300 pages. Three main events that happen in the story are a new elephant and her name was Ruby. Ivan tries to get ruby out of the domain because he made a promise to his friend who died. Ivan moved to a zoo and has other gorillas to play with. I liked this book because it is in the point of view of an animal.

     Image result for the one and only ivan book cover


    Rachel - 40 Book Challenge

    I read a book called Percy Jackson and the Olympians:  The Battle of The Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. There were 341 pages. The Labyrinth, an endless maze, is open again. Kronos army is trying to figure out how to navigate the maze so they will be able to take over Camp Half-Blood. I really enjoyed this book because everything Percy says is so funny.

    Image result for percy jackson and the olympians battle of the labyrinth

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