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School Bus in the snow Parents of Bus Riders:


Winter weather is upon us. While we strive for timeliness, busses do inevitably get caught in winter weather traffic. Please prepare your student(s) for the possibility of busses being 10-15 minutes late. Please make sure your student(s) is dressed appropriately. Here are some tips to better prepare.


Cold Weather Bus Stop Tips:

  • As always have student(s) wear bright colors.
  • Be cautious of anything dangling off clothing or backpacks as it can get caught on bus doors.
  • Have student(s) wear layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing.
  • Be sure hats and/or hoods do not obstruct the student(s) ability to hear and see traffic.
  • Cover student(s) mouth to protect his/her lungs from extreme cold.
  • Have student(s) wear shoes with good traction.
  • Use the restroom before getting on the bus!
  • Plan ahead for any medical needs your student may have on the bus.


While we all love a good snowball fight, please remind your student(s) to wait for his/her bus in an orderly manner.

Thanks and Happy Bus Riding!

 Important Notice
All Wednesday bus times are 15 minutes later for morning pick up 
and 7 minutes later for midday kindergarten pick up and drop off.
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