• If your student will be out for the entire day please call the attendance line:


    If your student will be coming in late or needing to leave early please call the main line:



    • When calling your student out of class/school early: Please keep in mind that the teacher will not release your student until the designated time you call them out. A student cannot just tell their teachers they are leaving for the day. The student must have a dismissal slip from the office, in order to be excused from class.
    • We have two different lunch times: It may take some time to track down your student, if they are going to leave during their lunch time. We encourage you to call ahead, so they are aware to be in the office at this time. 
    • If they are leaving for the day: It may take a few minutes longer for your student to come to the office because they may have to stop by their locker to gather their things. Please keep this in mind when calling ahead and designating their release time.
    • When Returning to School on the same day: Please remember to check-in with the office. If necessary: Bring any medical notes and place in the drop off basket. Your student will continue to be marked absent, until they check-in on our system. 
    • Person picking up student during school: If someone other than a parent is picking up your student, please let us know ahead of time. We can only release students to those listed on the PowerSchool - Household Contact page. (Emergency contacts are only allowed to pick up students in case of an emergency, not for a regular pick up). Please review your PowerSchool to make sure that your contacts are up to date.


Attendance Information Document