General Practice and Game Information.

  •  8th grade Varsity, Purple JV and Gold JV will practice in the mornings at 6:30.
  • 7th grade Varsity, White JV and Black JV will practice after school until 4:45.
  • 8th grade Varsity will always have 4:00 games.
  • 7th grade Varsity will always play after 8th grade, usually around 5:00.
  • Purple and White JV will play games at 4:00 through September 12. Starting September 14, they will play second, probably around 5:00
  • Black and Gold JV will play the second game (approximately 5:00) through September 12. Starting on September 14, they will play at 4:00.
  • There is no practice on game days.
  • Check the calendar to see if any teams have canceled practice.
  • Check the calendar to find the game location for your team.