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Culinary Arts

  • In February 2014 and again in February 2019, this program became nationally certified by the Secondary Committee of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEF). The program received the most prestigious and rare, 5-year ACFEF accreditation status. The congratulations letter included language that recoginzes the program as being in full compliance with ACFEF standards on two consecutive Team Reports and that the program met the entire eight standards areas. The 2019 review and site visit granted accreditation for another five years to both program focuses: Secondary Culinary Arts and Secondary Baking and Pastry. 

    In September 2014, the center was selected and proclaimed an official ACF testing site. This was followed by Chef Hickman personally receiving the honor of being named Chef of the Year by the local ACF Chapter (see article at left). It has become a culinary arts center and program that is considered the gem of the Northwest, which was the original district's start-up goals. This translates into West Ada School District students getting a career head start in a quality high school program. They are taught by professional Chefs and are exposed to Chefs throughout the Northwest when they come to 'test' and advance their credentials. During those times, visiting Chefs and Chef Evaluators are very supportive and most often agree to guest lecture in order to expose the students in the program to additional cutting edge trends, business practices as well as, career and college options.

    In 2008, the District opened the state-of-art Culinary Center at ADA Professional-Technical Center currently named, CTE Center - Renaissance Campus. This made it possible to articulate three years of high school culinary classes into a full-blown Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. The program includes both a culinary and pastry focus and student may earn a Ready Set Food Safe and the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Certification. The three years of sequenced culinary courses are:

    Foods and Nutrition - offered at each large high school in the District, a one-semester class. (Academy students are also approved to travel and take culinary program elective classes.)

    Introduction to Culinary Arts - offered at each large high school in the District, a full-year class. Meridian and Eagle Academy students may travel to take this class.

    Advanced Culinary Arts - offered at the CTE Center - Renaissance Campus. Students from throughout the District, travel to the center every other day for two class periods where they learn culinary and baking skills and knowledge by running Cafe Renaissance and participating in externships with local restaurants and area culinary events.


    For complete details, see the current - Course Description Handbook


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