• Hello VMS Choir Tribe!  

    I am getting the Department ready for the Fall start, and want you all to know that no matter how we come together in the Fall, we will be working to make beautiful music and explore the relationship of music and our lives.

    We will be using Teams and OneNote to organize our work this year. More information will be coming soon, but know that I am working on our Choir Tribe start. Talk to you soon!

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  • Hello Amazing Families of Choir Students (and the students themselves)

    You may have noticed that we are not together in school singing our choir songs and getting ready for our Pops Concert. No, it isn't a dream, this is really happening - we are all at home doing the best we can everyday. 

    Hopefully you have all cracked open one of the two Content Packets that have come to you sometime in the last couple weeks. You may have asked yourself, "hey - why isn't choir a core content?? In fact, where IS the choir content?"  Well, I'll tell you: Choir (and all the music teachers at VMS) joined with the electives to bring you the Electives Choice Board. Did you sing Family Karaoke??? That was my contribution (among others)!  What we are wanting you to do is use Choir (and the other electives) as an opportunity to relax, unwind, come together with people (you know what I mean), and take care of yourself. THIS MATTERS!

    I will continue to contribute to the Electives Board but I am also starting to put resources on my website for anyone (parent, auntie, cousin in Wisconsin..., etc.) to dive a little deeper into music. This is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. Please don't say that this is going to be graded or that it will effect your grade (because it won't). All of these resources, including the Electives Board is purely for you and your family to explore and refresh some skills. 

    If you would like some feedback, and you have the technology at home, you can email me, send me your work, send videos of yourselves singing, or thoughts you have about a video you watched... whatever you'd like. Again, you don't have to! I also know though how important music and our time together in choir is to some of us and I want you all (parents too) to feel as though I am here to support you and have your "musical back". 


    be watching the VMS Choir website and let's start making music ya'll (in a completely optional way). 

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  • The Pops Concert at MVHS on May 21st is cancelled. 

    It is with a heavy heart that we need to cancel the Pops Concert that was scheduled for May 21st at Mountain View High School. This is a very hard decision to make, and I think we can all agree that music continues to impact ourlives and make up better even when we aren't in costumes on a stage. Oh but that stage is so alurring and we love it so much! We will have other opportunities and I am thinking about those opportunites every day. 


    I will keep you all posted and please reach out if you have ANY questions or concerns. 

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  • Hello VMS CHoir Tribe - I wanted to reach out to you all and let you know that because school is cancelled we will not be having our concert at MVHS on April 2nd. We will also be out for the choir festival April 16th. Which means that we won't worry about the Boise festival on Aprli 29th.

    It is perfectly alright to be sad about all of these dissapointing changes. I know I am. However, it is also important to remmebr that music isn't about the performance. Music is not about being up on stage and singing something once in public. Music is so much more! Music is about connecting to the people around you, about expressing your thoughts, feelings, and the world around you. Music is about so much more than a concert. We will find ways to make music togehter - you have my word on it. 

    -Aimee Atkinson

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  • Yo Yo Ma - Songs of Comfort Interview

    This interview is a great place to start when you are looking for connection and community through music right now. I can't wait to see what videos you find and what touches you during this time!

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  • We are trying something a bit more robust in our communciating online these days.

    I have added a Music Resourcse page where I will be adding music resources, videos, ideas for msuic at home, as well as thoughts, ideas, "Atkinson'ism's", etc. 


    There is also a Performace Library page where I will be uploading all videos past and present I have of VMS Cocnerts, and some rehearsals. 


    Please be in touch if you would like specific resources for msuic at home, or naything else youmay need in these unconventional times. My thoughts are with you all!

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