Sept. 16 - 20

     This Week in Room 4

    HOMEWORK: Study for the Spelling Test on Friday

    Journeys Story: "Diary of a Spider" - Humorous Fiction

    Grammar: nouns

    Phonics: sounds of "g"

    Math: Strategies for addition and subtraction

    Science: using the Scientific Method

    Social Studies: American Symbols

    (the Bald Eagle, the flag, the Statue of Liberty, the US Capitol, the Liberty Bell, the Washington Monument) 

    IMPORTANT DATES:         

    THURSDAY, Sept. 19: iStation Fall testing

    WEDNESDAY, Sept. 25: Individual Portraits 

    TUESDAY, Oct. 8: Treasure Valley Children's Theater presents: The Twits

    FRIDAY: Oct. 18: EESA Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser





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