• Welcome to Exploratory Art!

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students are introduced to the basics of the study of art, emphasizing the elements of design.  The course includes drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history.

    OBJECTIVES: Students will...

    • Demonstrate their understanding of the following concepts:
      • Art Elements: line, shape, form, value, texture, color and space
    • Develop skills and refine techniques in the following:
      • Media: pencil, pen, markers, colored pencil, crayon, watercolor, and wire (this includes the proper use, care and storage of materials, tools, and equipment)
    • Develop an awareness of master artists and their most significant works
      • Artists: Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and selected others
    • Describe, analyze and make judgments about works of art:
      • Criticism & Aesthetics: using art specific vocabulary students will apply their knowledge to make informed judgments about the aesthetic value of works of art

    MATERIALS NEEDED: Students will be provided a variety of art materials with which to work. Students are asked to come to class each day with a 2B pencil(s) - wooden pencils are preferred - and a functional eraser.