• Hello students!

    Let's keep up the hard and good work.  We have done well our first semester, let finish strong and go into the 2nd semester even better. Lots of concerts, playing and singing tests and a few written tests ealy this semesterfor all grade levels are coming up.

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  • Hello all Orchestra Parents and Guardians,

    Chaperones Needed!

    Orchestra 8th grade Elementary Band and Orchestra Tour is Friday February 7th 2020.

    Our 8th grade Orchestra has 33 students. We need 3-4 chaperones for the LCMS Band and Orchestra Tour.  THIS IS A FULL DAY SCHOOL DAY EVENT, 8:30 AM to 2:45 PM Friday February 7th 2020. The chaperones will make sure students are in place for the bus rides to and from the schools, during the orchestra’s performances and monitoring during lunch and bathroom breaks.  We will also need help hauling a few bass and cello instruments with a bigger covered vehicle.  Please help if you can.


    If you would like to help by being a chaperone, please fill out the form given to your student.


     Your Name ________________________________________ Phone # ___________________________

    Student’s Name____________________________________

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