• Admissions Criteria

    Students MUST meet two of the following three items:
    1.5 GPA or lower
    Failing 2 or more classes
    Retained at least once in their academic career


    Any of the following:
    Attendance problems
    Behavior problems
    Social/Emotional problems NOT related to an emotional disturbance

  • Application Process

    1.  Parent/Student fill out application and return to
         student's home school counselor.

    2.  Home school counselor forwards application to Crossroads
         with report cards, testing information, etc.

    3.  Upon receipt of the application, Crossroads counselor
         will contact the parent and student for an interview.

    4.   After the interview, a decision is made regarding
         placement at CMS

    *The student is placed on the waiting list if no current
    openings are available.