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  • Our Mission:

    Everybody is learning every day in a respectful, responsible, and safe way.

    The Ustick Elementary building, community and staff are unique in many ways. The school is one of the oldest elementary schools in West Ada School District and has a long tradition of serving the community. The original Ustick School is located approximately a mile east of the current site. That building was constructed in 1908. It is still standing and is privately owned. It was used until 1959 when the current site was developed. The new site originally consisted of two separate buildings. New buildings have been added as the population increased. Our campus now consists of six buildings. Our "outdoor hallways" give us plenty of opportunities for fresh air and sunshine as we move from building to building.

    The school has been remodeled and improved over the years. Updated safety, heating, cooling, and technology equipment help us provide our students with a modern learning environment.
    We serve students in grades K - 5. We provide additional support for our students through our Title 1 Reading and Math program, our Resource Room and our Extended Resource Room. Our Library, Computer Lab and Music Programs provide additional enrichment for our students. Nurse and Counselor services are available to our students and families as well.
    The community we serve is as diverse as any in the area. In our community you will find life-long Idahoans, families who have recently moved here from out of the area or out of state, and families who have recently moved into the area from outside the United States. We enjoy that diversity and the opportunity it brings us to learn more about other groups and cultures. We are proud of the way our diverse group of students interacts with each other both in and out of the classroom. We are also proud of the work we do to foster good relationships between diverse groups of people.
    Our staff is well qualified and diverse in their experience and training. The experience of our staff ranges from beginning teachers to those who have worked at Ustick Elementary for over 30 years. They are diverse in their interests and teaching styles as well. The one common thread that runs throughout our staff is the caring and supportive attitude that they all bring to their teaching. They are focused on helping all students succeed. They work together collaboratively to incorporate effective teaching strategies. They approach their roles in a professional manner. They believe that all students can be successful and work towards that goal. We welcome you to our school and encourage you to become actively involved in the education of our students.