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  • Week Of:  October 14-October 18








    World Civ.



    Review Friday test

    How Renaissance Spread to France and Germany 


    Spread of Renaissance to Spain Compared to France and Germany

     The Reanaissance in England

     Review of The Spread prep for Quiz 


    Quiz on the Spread of the Renaissance



    Write conclusion for #20 Cell Membrane Lab Extension

    Peer edit and then revise #20 and hand in

    Begin #29 Germination Lab


    Make corrections on #21 Cell Transport Questions

    #22 Scientific Method - Bikini Bottom (Sponge Bob) Experiments

    Set up beans for #29 Germination Lab

    Complete #23 Scientific Method and Diffusion/Osmosis Venn Diagram

    Complete #24 Cell/Scientific Method Study Guide

    H.W. - Study #24 for tomorrow's quiz


    Take #25 Cell/Scientific Method Quiz

    #26 Graphing Packet

    Check on beans for #29 Germination Lab

     Make corrections on #26 Graphing Packet

    Take notes on (E) Graphing Rules - Line Graphs

    Create #27 Cell Membrane Lab Data Graph for class data

    Check on beans for #29 Germination Lab


    ELA– Lawton


    10 minute grammar

    Turn in Journal #2

    Finish reading chapter 11

    Puzzle read chapter 12 & 13

    Go to library


    10 minute grammar quiz

    Read chapters 14 & 15

    Take daily notes

    Reminder: Spelling test tomorrow

    Spelling test

    SSR when done

    Start on chapter 11-20 questions – due Monday

    Miss Lawton reads chapter 16

    Puzzle read chapter 17

    15 minutes of SSR

    Individually read chapter 18

    Journal #3 – Due Friday

    Work on chapter11-20 questions- due Monday.

    SSR for 10 minutes

    Turn in Journal #3

    Miss Lawton reads chapters 19 & 20

    Finish notes & discuss novel

    Discuss possible themes of the novel


    ELA– Nielson



    Vocab Foldable

    of City of Ember words from chapters 6-8

    Read Chap 6

    Review work on elements of lit




      Read Chap 7 of City of Ember

    Reading Guide

    A few groups share funny City of Ember job pantomines

     Elements of lit review

    Read Chap 8

    Reading Guide

    A few groups share pantomines

    Elements of lit review

    Read Chap 9

    Reading Guide

    Review for quiz tomorrow

    A few groups share pantomines


    City of Ember Test on Chapters 1-10


    Quizlet game on Elements of lit review




Team Incredibles


    Welcome to 7th grade and our AMAZING Team Incredibles' family!

    We are really excited to meet all of our new students and get the year started.

    To kick things off, we would like to invite all of our students' parents/guardians to our 

    Team Incredibles' Open House Night. This is a great opportunity for all of us to meet,

    and for us to provide you with some helpful information, to help make this school year the best ever.  

    Date: September 5th, 2019

    Time: 6:30 pm

    Location: LSMS Library 


     Team Incredibles' Overview

    Please read and go over our team overview & expectations with your student.

    You can find a link to it on the right hand side of the page.  


    Team Incredible's Updates      

    We are in need of Kleenex. Please have your child bring in a box to their advisory teacher. 


    Thank you and we look forward to a great year ahead!

    LSMS Team Incredibles

    Miss Lawton

    Mrs. Nielson

    Mrs. Price

    Mr. Luque

  • A Note From Team Incredibles

    Parents, please take a moment and click on the link below to register with Parent Power School.

    On the site you are able to set it up so you receive a weekly grade report of your student's grades.

    We HIGHLY recommend everyone does this.