• Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Program at Willow Creek

     Serving students at Barbara Morgan STEM, Hunter, Meridian, Paramount, Peregrine, Pleasant View, Ponderosa, and Willow Creek Elementary Schools!

  • Our center identifies and serves first through fifth grade gifted students through academic and social-emotional curriculum delivered in a pull-out setting once per week.

     We will serve students remotely this year as long as we are in red or yellow categories with Covid.  Students will be excused from gen. ed. classroom activities for a time period each week in which they will attend and/or work on GT.  Each week, students will meet with their GT teacher virtually for whole class activities and receive a "playlist" of both "live" and "on demand" lessons/work.  On GT day, we may also work with students in small groups or one-on-one, depending on the learning goals for the week.  Most learning will be project-based.  Our instruction adds depth and complexity to grade level standards, focusing on critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

     We are still building and changing our program as we learn more and new information unfolds.   Our start date will be after students get settled into their “normal” learning routines this school year.  We will be in touch with current eligible students after the school year begins!


  • For more information about our center, and what your students are doing in GT classes, use the tabs on the left of the page.  For additional information or questions about our center, please contact us by Email:

    Kendra Geary  (Facilitator serving Barbara Morgan, Peregrine, Pleasant View, and  Willow Creek)  geary.kendra@westada.org

    Tara Sprengel  (Facilitator serving Hunter, Meridian, Paramount, and Ponderosa)  sprengel.tara@westada.org

    Jennifer Peterson (Willow Creek Center assistant)  peterson.jennifer@westada.org