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Bachelor's of Art BYU 1990 Master's of Art BYU 1993

Mrs. Laurie Maus



Bonjour !

I am Mrs. Maus

I love teaching the amazing French students at Centennial and Mountain View High Schools!  I appreciate the hard work that goes into learning a second language and I love seeing the students focus on our learning objectives while creating academic goals for themselves.  ACTFL, the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages provides guidelines that measure the progression of language learners and help them to achieve these academic goals.  The ACTFL standards serve as both national and state standards and can be broken down to simple attainable learning targets that the students CAN accomplish.  For example, a student in French 1 Unit 1 will have the learning target I CAN ask for and give my phone number.  A student in French 2 Unit 3 will have the learning target I CAN use the Passé Composé to describe an action that I completed in the past.  The I CAN statements are incorporated into classwork and reviewed several times each unit of study and then assessed.  Students will be assessed on their presentational speaking and writing, interpersonal speaking and writing as well as their interpretive skills.

All assignments for my classes are on Microsoft Teams and French 1 and 2 students can access their online textbook for support by searching: → MyHRW → Bien Dit 1 (French 1)  Bien Dit 2 (French 2)

French 3, 4, 5 students can greatly benefit grammatically from the online textbook D'Accord 3: → Clever → Vista Higher Learning → D'Accord 3


If you would like to discuss your students learning, please reach out to me by email.  If you would like, I can also arrange a time for a voice conference.

Laurie Maus 

Bonne Journée !  Have a wonderful day!!!!

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