•      This week we hope to resume life as usual. Spelling words were sent home today along with reading logs. Students will have their spelling test on Friday as usual.
         Students should've brought home their Monday folders which only contain the results of the math quiz from before Thanksgiving. Last week, students were given these quizzes back with the opportunity to correct their mistakes for more points. Students could receive a 2.5 in operations such as multiplication and division and a high score of a 3.0 when it came to conversions. Many students are still struggling with conversions so we will continue to review this as we go move into division. Last week, students were sent home fliers outside of their Monday Folders. These were for the giving tree and Christmas stars fundraiser. If you have not seen these, please check your child's backpack for more information.
         One of the new things that is happening this week is that we have started digging into our second social studies textbook today. This book will cover the founding of our government. Students were given two copies of the book. They were told to take one home and leave one at school. This should reduce them forgetting to bring it back-and-forth either way. Students were also given study tips when it comes to remembering information in social studies. Tips included studying their vocab each night, going over their questions with someone and making connections to the real world, or re-reading the section at home. I explained to the class that these are just ideas for ways to study and can take as little or as long as they want. For example, going over the vocab may only take them five minutes but re-reading the section may take longer.