Welcome to 7th & 8th grade Art!

  • I am so excited for the upcoming semester and to work with such an amazing group of student artists! Through hard work and some fun, we will learn to obtain new skills, apply knowledge, and create amazing art.  


    Although I set high expectations through instruction, media and rubrics, I’m excited for the opportunity to allow students to have creative expression by choosing their content for specific projects. As a class, we will be creating many different works of art. Depending on the class, these may include an acrylic and watercolor painting, wire and mixed media sculptures, hand building and wheel ceramics, graphite and pastel drawings, and a series of relief prints. Students will be given sufficient time in class to work on these projects. If class time is utilized, students should not have to work at home. 


    My overall goal is to guide my student’s creative journey while learning and practicing real world skills, such as time management, organization, communication, and basic art knowledge. Make sure to check my classroom website regularly for upcoming assignments/projects, due dates, and events! Please know that I find great importance in mastery learning and encourage my students to fix or redo an assignment/project for a desired grade/outcome as time permits. I have set available times for students to come into my classroom for one-on-one guidance or to catch up on work. I am also available to schedule an in-person meeting with parents or guardians to discuss your child’s needs. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at my school email Leeellis.Dani@westada.org if you have any questions or concerns during our time together. I am truly looking forward to getting to know my students and their parents/guardians, and working together towards a successful semester! 


    Thank you, 

    Ms. Lee