• At Discovery Elementary we are excited to give students opportunities to use technology. We are currently 2:1 with our devices and have iPads and Netbooks at our school. Teachers use technology in their rooms for iReady, Zearn, and math apps that help students learn math facts. In English Language Arts students go on devices for monthly iStation growth celebrations, websites like Spelling City to practice their spelling lists with online activities, or apps like Epic Reading to access digital books and have books read to them. Technology can also make learning more accessible and engaging for students. In some classrooms students are using Microsoft Teams to complete their work digitally, Microsoft Learning Tools allows students to have text read to them or use their microphone for speech-to-text, Kahoot! makes learning feel like a game, and MineCraft for Education has students showcase their learning in a digital world! In Computer Lab and in class we discuss how to be Safe and Secure Digital Citizens and actively practice Internet Safety. 

     To access the Educational Apps that are used most at school, go to westada.org, click on Parents & Students, and select Educational Apps. Have your student login with their school username (followed by @westada.org) and password, and they will be able to continue the digital practice at home. Ask your student's teacher if there are specific apps or websites that you can be using at home with your student. 

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