Speech, Debate & Forensics

  • Competitive Speech is an advanced course in public speaking with emphasis on competition in interscholastic speech contests.  Speech categories include oratory, extemporaneous, retold story, sales, expository, impromptu, panel discussion, radio, oratorical analysis, humorous and serious interpretation, and after dinner speaking.

    Debate is for beginning debaters only.  The course includes extensive library research, logic and reasoning, organization techniques, public speaking experience, and fundamentals of argumentation and debate.  

    Advanced Debate is for varsity level debaters and emphasizes individual research; affirmative and negative case strategies, and analysis of theory and argumentation.  The course involves extensive outside of class research and preparation time. Students will be offered the opportunity to compete in interscholastic debate contests.  

    ***All debate topics are chosen by the National Speech and Debate Association.


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