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  • Shoot for the Stars

    Posted by Ashtyn on 10/10/2018

    The EMS girls basketball team is starting up soon! The first day of tryouts is on the 15th.

    Practice goes from 3:20-4:45. Practices are daily, and sometime teams may have morning practice at 6:30 A.M. to avoid sharing gym space.

    There are going to be two teams for sure. (There isn’t a for sure C team yet) During the meeting in advisory for girls basketball, 27 girls showed which is just enough to only have an A and B team. The coach for the A team is Mrs. Devore. And for the B team Mrs. Baun.

    Worried about never having played before, not preforming your best the day of? Don’t because everyone has the opportunity to play, because everyone makes a team!

    On game days, players either ride a bus to their away game, or stay at school for a home game. A team starts at 4:00 and B team starts 15 minutes after A team ends. Make sure and come to one of their home games and support the basketball team!

    The home game dates are listed here:

    * 11/8 against Meridian Middle

    * 11/15 against Victory Middle

    * 12/3 against Star

    * 12/5 against Sawtooth Middle

    * 12/10 against Lowell Scott.

    Good luck to all the girls trying out! We hope you have a great season.

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  • Wake Up and Smell the Fresh Air

    Posted by Andrew Wang and Emma Brown on 10/1/2018

    Clipcart Walk this way is an advisory activity that allows you to get your morning exercise with your friends. For every lap you do, you get a ticket that goes into a drawing at the end of October and November. Then again in February, March, and April. A lap counts as one time around the building. You can walk as many days as you want around the buildings and earn as many tickets as you want. You must be on the sidewalks for it to count. To get a ticket you have to be with your advisory class. You are free to walk October-April, but through the months of December and January there will be no tickets or drawings. If your class has been drawn that month the prize will be a smoothie and an uber during your advisory class. An Uber can either be a chocolate protein bar or a chocolate fruit protein bar. Cuprum Keen states, “This would improve your brain’s physical exercise, and it’ll wake you up in the mornings, so you can focus more. So, talk to your advisory teacher and get a schedule for “Walk this Way.”

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  • Behind the Scenes: The Book Fair

    Posted by Carter Sibbett on 9/24/2018



    The book fair is a time where readers and students buy books from Scholastic. Most students don’t realize how it’s run. In the book fair there are books and gadgets, but we don’t think of the costs. 

    I went to the library to interview the librarian, Mrs. Luque. She said that there are no funds; scholastic orders the books, and they use a certain percentage of the profit for the library. She gets the books by a truck from Utah. The new books she would recommend from the bookfair are My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Refugee by Alan Gratz, and The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier. The book fair is on October 19th to the 25th, so after parent teacher conferences, you can order books from the book fair.  She runs the book fair to raise money for new books in the library. Parent volunteers and National Junior Honors Society all help Mrs. Luque with the book fair. 


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  • That's A Wrap!

    Posted by Avari Dyer on 5/17/2018

    Image result for schools almost out for summer


    The end of this school year is so close! There are lots of things coming up, so make sure you are paying attention to announcements and fliers around the school. Some of these things are the Beach Bash, library fines, yearbooks, finals, the Variety Show, and the 8th Grade Celebration.


    The Beach Bash is on Friday, May 18th, and the tickets are $5 sold at lunch. It will include lots fun things and will be very exciting.


    Library fines are getting increasingly bigger, and many are not paying them. Some fines are even close to $50! Yearbooks will be held if not paid, even for silly $.20 fines. So get that change out of your pocket and go pay your fines!


    The Variety Show will take place on Friday, May 25th at 1:30. This is different from years past when it was in the morning on the last day of school. This change has been made due to the half days and finals as the last days of school. The show is sure to be fun, with lots of different, entertaining acts. 


    Also, yearbooks are always exciting, and they are new each year! Students will get these on the last day of school and have the last hour and a half of the day to sign away with friends.


    Finally, finals are sadly going to happen on the last days of school, and there will be 2 days of block schedule and half days. Keep in mind that on half days lunch is not served, there will be food at break.


    While this school year is ending, and we are all looking forward to summer, be excited for many exciting things happening at EMS!

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  • Beach Bash at EMS May 18

    Posted by Reese Rutledge on 5/8/2018

    Image result for beach bash party


    Eagle Middle School’s student council is always trying to improve the school and help make everyone’s school year fun! Recently they have been planning a big party for the end of the school year. There will be live music, Ben&Jerrys, lots of fun games, and some other food options like concessions and food trucks. There will be exciting water games, bubble soccer will be taken to a new level, and there will be a killer DJ! The theme of the party is: "A hot and chill day at the beach!" And no, you can’t wear a swimsuit but you can wear cool shades.


    This awesome bash will be on Friday, May 18. It will be after school, starting at 3:30 and ending at 6:30. Everyone is invited! Even kids from other schools can come and celebrate with us. If you want to come, you have to pay for a ticket. Tickets will be sold for $5 the 2 weeks leading up to the event. Tickets will go on sale starting tomorrow at all 3 lunches. Make sure to buy your ticket and invite all your friends! This beach bash is going to be the highlight of the school year!

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  • EMS Variety Show On Its Way

    Posted by Christine Bonveno on 5/7/2018

    Image result for variety show


    The variety show is going to be full of so many different acts! There will be, well, a variety! Anyone can try out! You can also be a host of the variety show, but only if you are in eighth grade. So if you are in eighth grade and like to be the center of attention, this is the job for you!


    All grade levels are allowed to try out for the variety show. You can dance, sing, act, do magic, and much more! Just don’t lip sync! All you have to do to try out is fill out a form in the office with your name, grade, phone number, and your act. You also have to write down how many people are involved, and how long it will take. The audition packets are due Wednesday, May 9th and the auditions are on the 16th, 17th, and the 18th.


    The actual variety show will take place in the EMS Main Gym on Friday May 25th at 1:30. Break a leg!

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  • National Bike To School Day

    Posted by Avari Dyer on 4/27/2018

    Image result for national bike to school day may 9

    On Wednesday May 9th, it is National Bike to School Day! You can ride alone, or with friends. The school is coming together at two locations. One is at Seven Oaks Elementary, and the other is at Eagle Public Library. Each group will meet at 8:00 AM. There are cool prizes for each rider with a helmet on. Some of the prizes that will be given include:

    * Milk

    * A day pass to the YMCA

    * Enter a drawing for other cool prizes

    * Receive a ticket to exit class 5 minutes early on your way to lunch so you can do a lunchtime ride with Mr. Wells and Mrs. Knudsen around the nearby neighborhood... with a snack afterwards

    Hope to see you there!

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  • ISATs Coming This Week to EMS

    Posted by Karsen Kenyon on 4/16/2018

    Image result for ISAT test in idaho


    The end of the year is nearing and with that comes ISAT testing. ISAT (also known as Idaho Standards Achievement Test) is testing that is taken state wide in all schools. It is used for teachers and districts to know if they are hitting the learning targets set forth by the Idaho State Common Core, and to monitor student progress. Make sure you start preparing because they are coming up soon. 8th graders start on April 18th and end April 25th, 7th graders start April 22nd and end May 2nd, and lastly 6th graders start May 3rd and end May 9th. Good luck and remember to always do your best on your test.

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  • 8th Grade Math Advisory Feedback Survey

    Posted by LINDSAY NIEDERKLEIN on 4/2/2018

    As part of the 8th Grade Math curriculum this year, the 8th grade Math teachers have instituted a Math Intervention program that happens during Advisory. If you or your student has had the opportunity to participate in Math Advisory, please answer the following questions.


    Math Advisory Survey


    Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.


    Mr. Hansen, Mrs. Hampton, Ms. Patton & Mrs. Coulter

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  • BOGO Book Fair THIS WEEK at the Library!

    Posted by Reese Avery on 3/20/2018

    Image result for Idaho Book Fair Bogo



    Everybody likes free stuff, right? Well if you do you are going to love our schools BOGO book fair. BOGO means you are going to go in expecting to get one book, but then you end up with two books, and one of them was free! They have new releases of amazing books! They have very kind of book you could imagine! They even have coloring books. Some new books that you should check out are The Book of Dust, Turtles All the Way Down, The Percy Jackson series, and Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even if you are not a fan of reading they have something for you too! They have, Paint by Stickers, Coke or Pepsi, Yucky Facts, and awesome graphic novels! Reading doesn’t have to be boring! If you find the right book for you it will change your life! So go check out EMS's awesome BOGO book fair!

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