Alternative Middle Schools

  • Our school of choice middle schools offer 7th and 8th grade students an environment that is smaller, provides one-on-one attention and more hands-on activities.

    The need for these magnet schools comes from a variety of sources. For some children, adapting to a larger school environment in 6th grade is simply overwhelming. Others may have certain personal issues that make school a greater challenge, thus needing more one-on-one attention from a teacher. Others may simply need more individualized instruction to spark their interest in learning. Therefore, the student body is comprised of the entire range of students from those who have previously struggled to those who are identified as gifted academically.

    The program at these schools is designed to help students meet grade level expectations and then excel in their academic pursuits. Students generally go on to attend one of the district's traditional high schools, although a smaller percentage continues in an academy program in high school.

    These schools serve approximately 150 students. Transportation is provided via shuttle buses from their traditional middle schools.

Participating Schools