Elementary Self-Contained

Elementary Self-Contained Gifted Program

  • The elementary self-contained Gifted Program is designed for highly gifted students who need further academic challenge beyond that which is provided in the traditional classroom and/or in the pull-out GT program. 
    Students who qualify for the district's pull-out GT program are eligible to apply for the self-contained program. Self-contained teachers address the traditional grade-level curriculum, and students are presented with skills at their appropriate readiness level and are expected to learn concept-based curriculum at a much greater depth of understanding. Affective (social/emotional) issues that pertain to gifted students (ex, perfectionism and/or underachievement) are also addressed in the self-contained programs. Due to the rigor of the self-contained program, students are considered for placement based on both their qualification for the GT Program and the recommendations of their classroom teacher and their GT facilitator.




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