College Entrance Exams


    The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is an interest inventory test sponsored by the U.S. Military. The test helps students match their interest and abilities with careers in the military and civilian worlds. The ASVAB is available for juniors and seniors at no cost. The ASVAB is typically offered at high schools, so check with your school counselor or career center for availability.
    More about the ASVAB can be found on the webpage



    The ACT test measures knowledge and skills acquired during high school. It includes questions in English, math, reading and science reasoning. It’s recommended that you take the ACT in the spring of your junior year or fall of your senior year. The majority of colleges and universities across the United States accept the ACT as the college entrance exam. It is important to check with specific college/univerisity that you are planning to apply to regarding their recommendation on which college entrance exam to take.  Many comparisons of ACT and SAT exams can be found on the internet. There are additional fees for late registration, standby testing, changing test centers or test dates, and for additional services and products. Additional information and testing dates for the current year are available online at


    The PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) measures a student’s ability to do college work. The PSAT is offered to all West Ada high school sophomores during the month of October.  To be eligible for National Merit Scholarship students must take the PSAT/NMSQT in October of their junior year and get a top score on the test. The PSAT is not used for college admissions. Check with your high school's webpage regarding upcoming test dates. More information can also be found about PSAT on the College Board website page at


    The SAT is a multiple choice, pencil-and-paper test created and administered by the College Board.  The purpose of the SAT is to measure a high school student's readiness for college.
    Currently the state of Idaho provides funding for all juniors to take a free SAT in the spring of their junior year.To prepare to take the SAT exam many students use free websites such as Khan Academy or the vareity of resources found on College Board website itself.  Students can self pay and retake the SAT to try improve their scores.  Some out of state colleges or universities may prefer the SAT over the ACT for admissions. A comparison between the ACT and SAT tests can be found on the internet.  Check with the individual schools you are interested in to find out their preference on college entrance exams. 
    More information can be found on the SAT website at

    SAT Subject Test

    The SAT subject tests measures knowledge and application of knowledge for specific subject areas. (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Mathematics, and U.S. History). It’s recommended that you take the SAT Subject Test in the spring of your junior or fall of your senior year. The SAT Subject Test is required for admissions at many colleges on the east and west coasts and all military academies. 
    Additional information and testing dates are available online at

    Test Preparation

    For help with practicing for the ACT exam visit the website
    For SAT practice questions and suggestions to prepare for SAT exam visit the website
    Other resources for preparing for SAT or ACT exams can be found online, at your local bookstore or by contacting your local high school career and college counselor.