How to Register


    online registration   1.  Fill out the Online Registration Form
    • You may only register for one session at a time.
    • Choose the school that would be considered your "Home" High School. 

    Email   2.  Wait for a "Confirmation of Enrollment Email"
    • If your application is accepted, you will receive a "Confirmation of Enrollment" email after the registration deadline.
      (Please watch for this email and check your Spam/Junk/Clutter folders to make sure it did not get routed there.)
    • You must respond to the email by the deadline or you may be dropped from the class! (see step 5 below)

    NOTE: If you are not accepted into the session you registered for, you will need to re-register for another session that works with your schedule.  You will not be "rolled over" or "automatically" re-registered for another session.

    letter of compliance  
    3.  Obtain a signed Certified Letter of Compliance (VOC)
    • The student may obtain this letter from the appropriate grade level principal at their high school.
    • The letter verifies that the student is enrolled in school.
    • The Letter of Compliance process typically takes 1-3 school days to be completed.
    • The VOC is only valid for 90 days.
    • District Policy does not allow the letter to be faxed to the DMV.


    4.  Purchase a Driver Education Permit
    • Driving permits can be purchased at the Ada County Department of Motor Vehicles, 
      Address:  400 N. Benjamin Lane, Boise, Id 83704   Phone Number: (208) 577-3101 

      You can use the new "Online Visit Scheduler" service at to save on wait time.

    • Please advise the DMV that you are taking Drivers Education through a West Ada School
    All of the following items are mandatory to have with you in order to purchase the permit:
      • Parent and student. (Birth Parent, Legal guardians must show amended birth cert. or legal action of adoption)
      • Certified Birth Certificate (or amended birth certificate in the case of stepfamily adoption)
      • Photo I.D. for student and parent (Parent must be able to prove residency) I.D. must be one of the following:
        • Activity Card
        • Year Book
        • Military I.D.
        • Passport
        • State issued I.D. card
      • $21.50 (cash is preferred)
      • Students Social Security Card 
      • Students Corrective lenses if prescribed
      • Signed Certified Letter of Compliance (VOC)

     5. Respond to Confirmation Email
    • You must respond to the emailed "Confirmation of Enrollment" notification by the due date listed.
      The response should include:
      • Permit Number 
      • Receipt of Payment Number indicating that the fees have been paid to the West Ada School District.

    Orientation Meeting    
    6.  Attend the Parent/Student Orientation Meeting
    Parents are required to attend the Parent /Student orientation meeting that will be held at the start of each Drivers Education class.
    Student permits will not be issued to the students until this requirement has been met.