Tardy Detention

  • MVHS Tardy Procedure/Protocol

    Revised 1/22/19

    Beginning January 22, 2019, MVHS will be implementing a new tardy procedure for students.  We believe it is important for all students to be in class and be on time to maximize learning.  The following is an overview of our new protocol and procedure.

    • Every student is allowed 2 tardies per class without consequence per semester.
    • On a students 3rd tardy in a class, they will be given a lunch detention to be served the next school day.
    • On a students 4th tardy in a class, they will be given 2 lunch detentions to be served the next two school days.
    • On a students 5th and 6th tardy in a class, they will be referred to their respective assistant principal and appropriate discipline will be given.
    • On a students 7th tardy in a class, an attendance/tardy agreement will be given, with appropriate consequence, and future tardies will result in a loss of credit in that class.

    When a student misses more than 15 minutes of class, they will be marked tardy late (TL).  Tardy late’s (TL) are tracked by the assistant principals and they will assign consequences for Tardy Late’s (TL).

    Tardies will be served during lunch, Wednesday and Thursday after school 3-5, or Saturdays 8-10