• Scholarship Search Checklist:

    check mark   Look for scholarships listed on your college's financial aid page. Apply by the institution's deadline

    The largest amount of scholarship money (merit and need-based) will come from your college. Don't miss out!

    check mark   Apply for scholarships offered by the State of Idaho.  State Board of Education: https://boardofed.idaho.gov/scholarships/

    check mark   Check out the list of scholarships on Next Steps Idaho

    check mark   If you are going out of state, apply for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE): wiche.edu/wue

    check mark   Use scholarship search engines to help you find national scholarships:  Scholarship databases and 59 Free Scholarship Search Engines

    check mark   Try Study Soup. Most scholarships listed here take approximately 10 minutes to complete!!  Study Soup

    check mark   Ask your parents or grandparents if they are members of Rotary, Lions Club, or Kiwanis.  These clubs often offer scholarships for members children.

    check mark   Do you have a job? Ask your employer if the company offers a scholarship. 

    check mark   Check Idaho Community Foundation.  It has over 60 scholarships, each with its own criteria and application.

    check mark   Check the list of scholarships listed on Rocky's career and college webpage

    check mark   Be aware of scholarship scams.  You should not be charged a fee.  Also watch for wording such as finalist letter or scholarship guarantee.


    Trouble writing your essay for the scholarship? Try the writing exercise below:

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