The Preliminary Test of the American College Testing Program is "pre-ACT" test, the PLAN, is a powerful predictor of success on the ACT. Typically, PLAN is administered in the fall of the sophomore year. However, many juniors will want to take the PLAN as a practice for ACT. The PLAN is an assessment of achievement, interest, study skills and student information. It aids in career and educational planning and includes 4 sections: writing skills, match, reading and science reasoning. The test is intended for sophomores in high school. PLAN is not used for college admissions.

    All students must have picture ID for entrance into the test.

    Students interested in taking the test should register with the $25.00 in the fall at registration or with the bookeeper.
  • ACT

    The ACT test measures knowledge and skills acquired during high school. It includes questions in English, math, reading and science reasoning. It's recommended that you take the ACT in the spring of your junior year or fall of your senior year. There are additional fees for late registration, standby testing, changing test centers or test dates, and for additional services and products.

    For help with practicing for the ACT exam visit the website.

    Students can register for the ACT online or pick up registration packets in the Counseling Office. When registering for the ACT be sure to include Eagle's school code--130-177.