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  • The Lady Mustangs Soccer Summer Training Camp is over and excited to see that the camp grew this year to 64 players!!! 

    2019 Summer Camp



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  • The NEW Lady Mustangs Varsity Kits!!!

    Green Jersey White Jersey

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  • Welcome Maddie Brown to the Lady Mustangs Soccer staff!!! Maddie will be the JV Head Coach and we are excited to have her joining the Mustangs!!! The following is a letter from Maddie to the players, parents, and supporters.

    Hello Parents and Athletes!
    My name is Maddie Brown and I am the head coach for the JV team. This is my first
    year with the program and I am so excited to learn and grow as a coach. I have just finished playing soccer for the College of Idaho and getting my master’s degree in elementary education. I will be a second grade teacher in the fall! I grew up in Greenleaf, Idaho but attended Middleton High School. I lettered in 3 sports for years there and have multiple state championships. I played both forward and goalie and was named player of the year. After high school I played soccer at Spokane CC for my first two years of college. There I was a captain, all conference player, won 2 east region championships and an NWAC championship and ran track for their program. I finished my education and eligibility at the College of Idaho. I was an all-conference player in the Cascade Collegiate Conference. I also competed in track all four years of college, with all conference honors. I have been coaching basketball for the past 5 years for NBC Camps, including taking tour teams to Germany and Italy. I love basketball but soccer has always been where my heart belongs, so I am happy to make the transition to being a coach. I can’t wait to bring my knowledge and experiences to this team and amazing program. Go Mustangs!
    -Coach Maddie

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  • Stretch

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 8/13/2019

    Players need to learn to stretch themselves. Their number one tool to do this is self-talk.  "Keep going, keep working, keep searching, keep executing" should be their intentional inner voice as often as possible.

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  • Flexibility

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 8/12/2019

    It's flexibility of thinking that promotes high performance in soccer...not necessarily positive thinking. Players should build the capacity to think optimistically going into a soccer game while appreciating the challenges that lie ahead.  The game is tough...accept that fact!

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  • Ambition

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 8/6/2019

    Young soccer players with ambition can decide their inner narrative.  They can look at the top of the game and decide they have no chance of getting there. Or, they can look at the top and focus their mind on developing their skills today, tomorrow and WAIT to see how good they can become.

    Create your game Mustangs!


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  • Body Language

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 7/8/2019

    The term 'body language' is referring to 'thinking' and 'being' and doing'.

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  • Movies

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 6/29/2019

    Lady Mustangs Soccer players should go to the movies every day.  They should replay their best games.  They should envision their dream game.  And they should picture a big, bold and bright image of their strengths.  Ultimately those exciting inner movies help them feel great about their ability!

    Create Your Game Mustangs!!!


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  • Confidence vs. Fear

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 6/6/2019

    "I want to win"..."I don't want to lose"....Both of these statements are incredibly powerful, but statements that open up completely different pictures in a player's mind as well as their behaviors.  "I want to win" statement elicits confidence, effort, determination, willingness to take risks, optimism and competitiveness.  "I don't want to lose" elicits the opposite as well as increases anxiety, nervousness, fear to make mistakes, pessimism, resentment, and of course lower performance. Words count...they drive feelings, they drive actions!

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  • Goals

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 6/3/2019

    It will hurt, It will take time, It will require dedication, It will require willpower, You will need to make healthy decisions, It requires sacrifice, You will need to push your body to the max, There will be temptation, But I promise you this...When you reach your goal, It will have been worth it!

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  • Relentless

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 5/30/2019

    Soccer players must be relentless, Not so much with performance....That will take care of itself.  They must be relentless with mindset.  Front foot!  A non-stop confident game face.  A brutal durable intensity.  Emotions that help. Focus! A flexible attention on space, player and ball

    ~Dan Abrahams

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  • 10/10 Mindset

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 5/24/2019

    Soccer player's pre-game questions "What will it lool like when I have a 10/10 mindset game? What will the opponent feel when I play with intensity and focus? What small things will a great team-mate do today? What will others see when I play with confidence?".....Now Do It!

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  • No Limits

    Posted by SCOTT REYNOLDS on 5/20/2019 2:00:00 PM

    Soccer players should think, train, and play like there are no limits to their ability.  Whether this is true is not important....what matters most is developing a growth mindset that is an unwavering belief that nothing can stop them from experiencing their greatest game.

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