Academic Decathlon ("Acadeca") is a nationally recognized program in which students are given the opportunity to excel academically through team competition. During the competition, students take tests in seven academic subjects: art, economics, language and literature, mathematics, music, science, and social science. Students compete in three other events, speech, essay and interview. Each year there is a theme to the curriculum. This year the theme is 1960's. For general information on this year's theme, go to the USAD website. For more information on Academic Decathlon go to IDAD website. For More information, please contact the Academic Decathalon coach, Heather Pinder, Pinder.Heather@westada.org

        2018-2019 Competition Dates:

    1. Invitational Competition at Meridian High School, Saturday, 
    2. Regional Competition at Meridian High School, Saturday,
    3. State Competition at Boise State University, March , 2019

    In addition, the team competes in a "Super Quiz Relay" in which small groups answer multiple-choice questions. The questions in the super quiz are pulled from six of the seven testable subjects in the Academic Decathlon curriculum (All except Math).

    Art - basic art history and analysis plus detailed study of art selections related to the year's theme.

    Economics - Micro and Macro Economics plus a section on the economics issues related to the year's theme

    Essay - choose one of three prompts from the year's curriculum. Plan and write your essay in 50 minutes!

    Language and Literature - basic reading comprehension, plus analysis of the selected novel and several shorter selections related to the year's theme.

    Math – the topic is different every year, and very challenging. Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics

    Music - basic music theory plus a detailed study of music selections related to the year's theme.

    Science – the topic is different every year. Usually there is a connection between the science topic and the year's theme.

    Social Science - the backbone of the year's theme is the social science curriculum. We usually start with this.

    Speech - a four minute prepared speech followed by a 90 second impromptu speech, delivered to a panel of two or three judges.

    Interview - answer questions from a panel of two or three judges about your resume, the ACADECA curriculum and more.