Medication at School Guidelines

  • Students who need to take prescription or other medication during the school day must bring it to the nurse’s office in a properly labeled prescription bottle or original container. A medication consent form must be completed yearly by the parent and on file with the nurse for any medication to be given. Schools have the right at any time to refuse to administer any medication or supplement that does not meet standards of safe administration.

    1. Any medication brought to school must come in the original container.
      1. Prescription medication must be in the prescription bottle with the correct label that includes the student’s name, name and dose of the medicine, directions for taking the medicine, doctor’s name, pharmacy’s name, and current date. Most pharmacies will give you 2 bottles, one for home and one for school.

      2. When medication doses change the current prescription bottle needs to reflect that new dose.

    2. Written consent for giving medication from a parent/guardian must accompany any medicine brought to school.
      1. For long-term medications (those given at school for longer than a week) a parent/guardian must complete the Medication Consent Form and it must be returned to the nurse before any medication is given to the student.

      2. Short term medications, like antibiotics given for just a few days at school, must come with a written note from a parent/guardian that includes consent for the School Nurse or their designee to give the medicine to the student and directions for when and how much is given.

    Homeopathic, herbal, and/or nutritional supplements will not be dispensed at school unless a prescription is provided to the school from a licensed professional in Idaho with legal prescriptive authority.

    If a student requires emergency medication for potentially life-threatening conditions parents must provide the medication to schools. Emergency medications are kept in the nurse’s office and/or carried by a student for self-administration. Students who need to carry emergency medication for asthma or severe allergies may do so according to district policy and procedures.

    Middle School and High School students may carry and self-administer one day’s dose of over-the-counter (OTC) medication for routine medical conditions with parental consent. (Given via PowerSchool) Medication must be in original packaging or container.