• All grants must be approved before submitting email sexton.bernadette@westada.org for approval.

    Principals should know about and approve the grant before asking for district approval.

    Grant Money

    • All grant money must be deposited into a school or district account.
    • No money will be directly given to grant recipients.
    • Receipts and documentation must be provided to the school to receive reimbursements.
    • P-Card use is encouraged to purchase items.  
    • All grants over $15,000 must have school board approval.

    Grant Policy

    Purchase orders- District not foundation

    • Vendor must be an approved district vendor (please check with your bookkeeper)
    • You must purchase what you wrote for on the grant unless you have written approval to change your purchases.
    • A district or building purchase order must be completed ((located in Intranet--Accounting Forms)
    • When items are received please make sure your bookkeeper knows so they can closse and recieve the purchase order in the system. 

    Check Requests - District not Foundation

    • The Check Request Form can be found on the Intranet- Accounting-Forms
    •  Principals must ok all check requests prior to purchase.
    • Your Employee ID must be entered
    • Use Black Ink Only
    • You can only be reimbursed for up to $100 per day, per vendor.
    • Original receipts or evidence of proof of payment (such as cancelled check, bank/credit card statement) must be attached to check request.  For online purchases we need a copy of the confirming email showing payment method and amount. 

    Keep a copy of all documents for your records in case the Grantor asks for them.

    Items purchased with a grant stay in the building awarded the grant.  On occasion the item may move with the teacher if both principals agree. 
    Principal must approve all Fundraisers- If approved then.. 
          Go Fund Me- Not allowed for School/Classroom Projects
          No Crowd Funding Sources except Donors Choose are allowed for school classroom projects. 


    Donors Choose 

                Merchandise comes directly to school – no money exchanged
                Contact Bernadette for help 

                Must be approved contact Bernadette Sexton for approval.  sexton.bernadette@westada.org

    Education Foundation

                Contact Westadafoundation@westada.org  for form- example: MVHS Theatre    
                      Sample: https://www.westada.org/Domain/5750
    District Advertising and Commercial Activities Policy 1002.30

    Thank a Teacher- parent donates to teachers program

             There is a 3% charge for using a credit card.
             If it is a large fundraiser, must be approved by Principal

    Technology Approval

     All technology must be approved technology.  There are device limits for classrooms.  It may take a little extra time to get your devices approved for a grant.
    You will need to fill out this form.  After the technology is approved, you will still need to get approval by emailing Bernadette Sexton at westadafoundation@westada.org  Any questions should be directed to Devan Delashmutt or Geri Gillespy. 
    All applications and websites that are supplemental resources need to follow all building approval processes and COPPA/FERPA compliance procedures in the buildings.  If you have any questions regarding the approval process in your building please ask your Digital Leads or your Regional Digital Specialist

    Maintenance Project- procedure before you write the grant:

    • Write up project.
    • Have principal sign
    • Send to the Regional Director.
    • Then they would send it to Maintenance for one more approval.
    • Inform Foundation if it is approved