• Mission Statement

    "To enhance the educational potential of all students by promoting wellness and facilitating the management of health conditions which create barriers to learning."

    Meridian Joint School District strongly believes that healthy students learn better.  Currently 49 registered nurses serve the health and wellness needs of 36,200 students.  

    CLICK HERE to view district nursing schedules.

    Please note that schedules may change due to screenings or other district responsibilities.

    Vision Screening:

    Vision screening is conducted in the fall for students in grades 1, 3, and 5.  Vision screening is provided as a service and may uncover certain vision problems that may have a negative impact on your child's scholastic performance.  Vision screening may pick up certain problems but not all.  It is not intended to replace a complete vision and eye health exam performed by your eye doctor. 

    We do not screen students who wear or are supposed to wear glasses since the have already been identified as needing them.  Their eye doctor will be able to better meet their eeds.

    Most eye doctors recommend that your child have a complete vision and eye health exeam by the age of 3 years and then every other year after that if you have no concerns.  If they have glasses it is recommend they see the eye doctor annually.

    Please feel free to contact the school nurse in your building if you have questions. 

    Postural Screening:

    Postural (Scoliosis) Screening is conducted for 6th and 8th grade girls, and 8th grade boys across the district in February.  This screening is to identify those students who have possible deviations in posture or spine.  An "opt-out" form is sent home prior to screening, please sign and return only if you do not wish your student to participate in the screening. 

    In March, an orthopedic specialist will be available at a free clinic for those students identified by the Meridian School District Nurses as having a deviation from normal. 

    If you have any questions please contact your school nurse.    

    Kindergarten Registration:

    Kindergarten registration is held the month of March district wide.  Birth certificate and a copy of Idaho State Law required immunizations are needed to make an appointment for registration. CLICK HERE for more information regarding school immunizations.  

    Kindergarten and School Health