Parent Meeting:  

    Head Coach:  Andrea Baerwald   Baerwald.andrea@westada.org 

    Dear Parents and Athletes,

     If your daughter is selected for a team, the following information will apply to you:

     ** West Ada School District is a Pay-to-Play District. The cost is $90 plus the cost of an Activity Card ($22.26). This payment is due by ______. You may pay the Bookkeeper at LCMS. (Coaches cannot take payment.) Please, please take care of this! Beginning ________, those who have not paid will be replaced by the next girl on our alternate list. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact Ricky Appell, our Activities Director.

     ** A team jersey will be provided for games. You must provide the following: black spandex shorts (no shorter than finger-tip length), knee-pads and court/athletic shoes.

      ** We have exactly 11 practices (including try-outs), before our first game. District policy states that any athlete must complete 10 practices before participating in any sport. Therefore, it is imperative that your daughter attend ALL of our practices up until our first game to be eligible to play that day. If your daughter will be missing practice (anytime during the season), please email, text or call to let your coach know beforehand. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of playing time. Doctor’s notes/Bereavements are the only valid reasons that an athlete can miss practice without consequence. Traveling, commitments to other sports, birthday parties, etc… are not excused and will result in extra conditioning/less playing time.


    All games start at 4:00 pm