Lewis and Clark Middle School Cross Country

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    Head Coach: Lana Moss  moss.lana@westada.org

    Assistant Coach: Amy Lee   lee.amy@westada.org


    COVID UPDATE as of 8/4/2020, will update as more guidance is provided.

    • The plan is to start practice on Monday, August 24th from 3:30-5:00 pm.
    • Athletes will be required to use hand sanitizer upon arrival.
    • Athletes will be required to wear a mask throughout practice, including but not limited to warm-ups, breaks, instruction/demonstration, and cool down.
    • Athletes will be required to practice social distancing.
    • All in-person parent meetings for LCMS fall sports have been cancelled.
      • An informational PowerPoint for parents will be uploaded to the cross-country website by Monday, August 24th.
    • West Ada School District has implemented two new guidelines for all sports:
      • ONLY the guardian(s) of the athlete will be allowed to attend competitions.
        • NO siblings, family members, friends or non-participating students will be allowed at the event.
      • Parents will be allowed to transport athletes to the sporting event.
        • Car pooling will be allowed, as long as there has been written consent between the parent and coach.


    Information for 2020 Season

    First practice will be Monday, August 24th @ 3:20- 5:00 p.m., meet out by the track

    Wear running clothes, running shoes and bring a water bottle.We will NEVER practice on Fridays.  


    Goals for Summer Training: 

    • Work up to 15 minutes continuous running (Continuous means without walking!) 
    • Work up to 5 runs in one week on separate days 
    • Be fit enough to run team workouts when team practices start and enjoy it! 

    Sometime during each week fit in the runs scheduled, each on a separate day.  Check the workouts off as you complete them.  Always start with Week #1, even if you start training later than July 6th.  

    *We ONLY have 11 days of practice before our first meet, so it is extremely important to get a jump-start on your training! 

    Week #1 



    • 5 minutes 


    • 5 minute 


    • 5 minutes 





    Week #2 



    • 10 minutes  


    • 10 minutes 


    • 10 minute  





    Week #3 



    • 10 minutes 


    • 10 minutes 


    • 5 minutes FAST 


    • 15 minutes 



    Week #4 



    • 12 minutes 


    • 5 minutes FAST 


    • 15 minutes 


    • 10 minutes 


    • 15 minutes 

    Week #5 



    • 15 minutes 


    • 12 minutes 


    • 8 minutes FAST 


    • 20 minute run 


    • 12 minute run 


    Before you can participate, you need to pay a participation fee and activity card fee. Fees need to be paid to the bookkeeper at the front of the build. The coaches cannot collect money. Money is due August 17th 

    • Participation Fee= $90     Activity Card Fee= $22.26        TOTAL=$112.26 


    2020 schedule- We will need volunteers for the home meets on September 3rd and September 15th. Thank you in advance! All meets start at 4:00. 

    Meet 1- Thursday, August 27th Star, Eagle and Lewis and Clark 

    Meet 2- Thursday, September 3rd Lewis and Clark, Victory and Lake Hazel. 

    Meet 3- Thursday, September 10th VictoryMeridian and Lewis and Clark.  

    Meet 4- Tuesday, September 15th Lewis and ClarkSawtooth and Heritage. 

    Meet 5- Thursday, September 17th Sawtooth,  Lowell Scott and Lewis and Clark.  

    Meet 6- Wednesday, September 23rd  @ Meridian, Heritage and Lewis and Clark.   



    Ask permission from a parent or guardian before leaving on your run, and tell them how long you plan to run.  Also, discuss with themsafe places to run where you live.  Good places to run are parks, tracks, schoolyards, neighborhoods where there are not a lot of traffic.  Sidewalks and trails are better to run on than roads, but if you do run on a road, the law states runners and walkers must be on the left side of the road facing traffic so you can see the cars coming toward you.  Do not run on busy streets! 

    Be aware of stranger danger. Don’t run in the dark, or in unsafe places.  A running buddy can make running safer.  If a car slows down and a stranger tries to talk to you, run to the closest safe place such as your home, or a friend’s or neighbor’s home, or a business.  

    Wear comfortable running clothes. Clothes for running should be soft, fit well and allow your arms and legs to move freely. Socks are necessary to prevent blisters and hot spots.  Long hair should be tied back in a ponytail, or braid(s). 

    Properly equip your feet with shoes made for running.Running shoes may be purchased at several stores in the area, including: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike Factory Store, Big 5, McU Sports and New Balance. Shoes do not need to be expensive, but they should be made for running.  Distance runners do not need a lot of gear, but the main item they need is proper shoes to prevent injuries.  **This is not required but if you are interested, a few running specialty stores can test your feet and equip you with the correct shoe. They include; Shu’s Idaho Running Company, Fleet Feet Meridian, and Bandanna Running. Once again, this is NOT required.  

    Drink water before and after running. Thirst is the first sign of dehydration. You should be drinking at least 2-3 liters of water throughout the day. The majority of your fluid intake should be plain water; sports drinks can provide extra calories and electrolytes, but sodas and other soft drinks should be limited as much as possible!

    Avoid running during the hottest part of the day, especially on EXTREMELY HOT days.  That is supposedlybetween 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. 

    Stretch gently and do a dynamic warmup before running, do a cool down with static stretching after running.  Also, for a warm up and cool down, you can walk a little before you start running, and a little after you are done running, but try not to walk during your run if you can avoid it.

    Pace yourself, instead of sprinting. You can practice your kick for the end of races by sprinting at the end of your run, but if you try to sprint the whole run, you will get too tired and end up needing to walk.


    Train for success,

    Coach Moss 

    Coach Lee