Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need to pay the $250.00 (or $260 if out-of-District) course fee?

    The fee is due no later than the beginning of class or arrangements must be made to pay or the student will be dropped from the program! The fee must be paid to a HIGH SCHOOL bookkeeper at any one of the six West Ada High Schools or online at Please record your receipt number on the Enrollment Placement Form. STUDENTS MUST KEEP THEIR RECEIPT! The class instructors will ask for the receipt to show that the fee has been paid.


    What is a Letter of Compliance (VOC)?

    This is a certified letter that can be obtained from the student's school. The letter states that the student is enrolled in school. The Letter of Compliance process typically takes 1-3 school days to be completed. It is valid for only ninety (90) days from date of signing. District Policy does not allow it to be faxed.   

    When do I need to purchase my driving permit?

    The driving permit must be purchased immediately upon receiving an enrollment placement form. It must be purchased before the class starts or the student will not be allowed into the class. Please indicate to the DMV that the student is taking the class with the West Ada School District in Meridian Idaho. Please refer to the "How to Register" page regarding the items needed to purchase your permit. Once the permit has been purchased, the attached form will need to be returned to the Driver Education Coordinator at the selected high school. (See the Enrollment Placement Form for details)
    You will need to schedule an appointment to obtain a Drivers Education permit, to schedule use this website:

    What happens to my driving permit after it has been purchased?

    The Department of Motor Vehicles will mail the Permits to the West Ada School District. The permits remain with the program until completion of the course. The driving permits will be issued to all students that have successfully completed the course.


    Does my parent/guardian really have to attend the orientation meeting?

    Parents are required to attend the Parent /Student orientation meeting that will be held at the start of each Drivers Education class.
    Student permits will not be issued to the students until this requirement has been met.



    What do I do if I know I am going to be absent from class or driving?

    It is imperative that you visit with your class instructor and/or driving instructor if you are going to be absent. All instructors will have a detailed absentee policy about how to deal with an absence. If an absence is not reported, there will be a $25.00/hr. charge for make-up class. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED MORE THAN TWO ABSENCES!! If a student accumulates more than two absences, they will be removed from the program.

    What is the grading scale?

    Students must pass ALL THREE of the following sections in order to pass the course:

    • Classwork
    • Driving skills
    • Attitude “Attitude and/or behavior that detracts from safe driving or a positive driver education classroom environment.”
    • Students are graded on the following PASS/FAIL system:
      • 100%-80%= PASS
      • 79%-0%= FAIL
    • If a student does not pass the course they will not receive their permit to begin their 6-month/50 hour practice period.

    What happens if only a portion of the course is completed?

    If the entire course is not completed, the student will fail the course and will have to retake the entire course again at a later date. Full fee payment is required for each course taken. Additionally, once a student drives, their driving permit can’t be used again if they fail the course. A new permit will need to be purchased.

    What do I do if I will not be taking the course I was accepted for?

    If you will not be taking the course THAT SESSION, please call the site coordinator so scheduling arrangements can be made for other students to take the course.

    Who do I contact if I still have questions?

    For General Information Please contact:

    For questions regarding the programs at individual High Schools please use these contacts:

    Coordinator: Duane Dixon
    208-855-4250 ext. 2113

    Coordinator: Layne Ward
    (208) 919-0642

    Coordinator: Duane Dixon
    208-855-4250 ext 2113

    Coordinator: Stephine Wilson

    Coordinator: Kristen Galloway


    Foreign Exchange Students:

    Per District Policy, foreign exchange students will only be placed into the program if there is space available.

    Additional information about the DMV:

    You must now schedule an appointment at the DMV.  The "Online Visit Scheduler" service is located at to make the appointment.