Face-to-Face Consultations

    Stopping by The Scribe in person to look over your writing with our consultants can be very helpful for your writing process. Here are a few things to remember for the face to face consultations:
    • The session can last anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the piece of writing in question and the concerns you have with it.
    • The consultant is there to look over your piece of writing with you, and to provide as much help as they can while not writing anything for you. In a session, you and your consultant are working collaboratively to focus on sections of your paper that may need improvement.
    • If the piece you are working on is an assignment with a rubric or outline to follow, it may be helpful to bring that with you for your consultation.
    • We accept any type of writing, including assignments, applications, and personal projects.
    • Come in at any stage of your writing process!
    Dos and Don'ts of face-to-face consultations...
    • Do:
      • Bring some form of idea, topic, outline, or draft of your paper
      • Have some idea in mind of what you want out of the consultation – do you recognize problem areas in your grammar, mechanics, or word choice? Do you need to brainstorm stronger evidence for your argument? Have these in mind, and let your consultant know!
      • Be prepared to think critically about your paper and answer questions posed by the consultants about your ideas and argumentation.
      • Be engaged and focused on the consultation.
    • Do NOT:
      • Come completely unprepared!
      • Be distracted by your phone or other things.  Writing takes focus and commitment.
      • Expect the consultant to just edit your paper while you do nothing.  We are happy to help you understand patterns of grammatical or usage errors.
      • Expect the consultant to write your paper for you – your consultation will be a collaborative process. It is your paper, after all!