• homework club
    meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    The time is 3:15pm to 4:00pm in Room 122.
    Mr. Ayala-Marshall provides a quiet location for students to complete their homework. 
    Mr. Ayala-Marshall does not tutor students, but he does provide assistance to students in all subjects as needed during the Homework Club session.
    Parents may contact their child's teachers to request that they assign them to Homework Club.
    Parents may also ask for assistance through the counselor's office, as counselors also assign students to Homework Club.
    Attendance at Homework Club is reported daily to the school counselors. 
    Contact your child's counselor to discover whether your child was in attendance on a given day.

    Transportation must be provided by the parents.

    For more information, please contact Craig Ayala-Marshall at: