Bus Safety Rules

  • The following rules must be observed at all times while being transported on the bus:Bus Stop Sign

    1. Use only the bus and stop assigned to you. If it is necessary to ride another bus or get off at another stop, the driver will need a note signed by your parent or guardian.
    2. Be on time at bus stop (5 minutes before scheduled bus arrival time). The driver cannot wait for tardy passengers. Orderly behavior is expected at the bus stop.
    3. Enter and exit bus in an orderly manner. Sit in assigned seat and remain seated, facing forward while bus is moving. Observe same conduct as you do in the classroom.
    4. Hitting and fighting are not allowed. This includes teasing, harassing or inciting a fight to continue.
    5. Keep noise level down so driver can safely operate the bus. Absolute silence is required at railroad crossings.
    6. No eating, drinking, chewing or smoking/vaping on the bus.
    7. No live animals or insects are allowed on the bus.
    8. When entering or exiting bus go directly from/to curb or sidewalk and the bus door. Stay out of the danger zone within 10 feet of the bus. If you must cross the street, always cross 10 feet in front of bus and wait for driver to signal before crossing. 
    9. Keep all body parts inside the bus. No littering or throwing anything inside or out of the bus.
    10. Do not tamper with or vandalize the bus or bus equipment. The emergency door is to be used only in an emergency.
    11. Swearing, obscene gestures and foul language are not allowed. The driver and other students are to be shown courtesy, cooperation and respect at all times.

    Additional rules may be made by the driver if necessary to maintain the safety of the bus.  According to law the bus driver has the same authority as any teacher. 

    Following is a link to the State of Idaho's guidelines on bus stop safety. The information is valuable reading for parents: Bus Stop Guidelines

    Grade-specific videos are available on the Student Transportation, Inc. website offering safety information for students and others on the road: Student Transportation, Inc. Safety Videos