Calculator Recommendation:

    No cell phones will be used as calculators in this class, so you need to have a calculator to use. 


    The class uses the TI-84.      TI-84 School Edition      TI-84 Plus
    The TI-83 will also function quite nicely if you have the older version. 
    There are limited number of calculators available for use in the classroom.
    The school library also has a limited number of calculators to check out each semester.
    These are available at most retail stores for $89-$120. 
    If you don't get one of these graphing calculators, you need to at least get a TI-30X IIS.
    There are many free online calculators that can be used for a variety of applications. You can access these at home.

    Click on the above hyperlink. Feel free to utilize this graphing calculator to assist with your work.

    Free CCSS and State Standard Aligned Activities There are a ton of free CCSS and State Standard activities which can be downloaded onto existing calculators and software.  Activities are constantly being added, and they can be searched for and narrowed down in many ways (by state standards, by type of calculator, subject, subject area, topic, grade level etc.).  Teacher and student notes are available and activities and content can be customized as well.  Here is a link to the activities page: http://education.ti.com/en/us/activity .  The  CCSS site can be found here: http://ticommoncore.com/