• Honors Common Core II


    An HONORS CLASS  follows the district curriculum but proceeds at an accelerated instructional pace and calls the student to a higher level of responsibility and a higher level of thinking.  This HONORS CLASS requires an increased time commitment to practice and study.  

    HONORS CLASSES are meant to prepare students for the rigor they’ll experience in future Advanced Placement classes.

    In comparison to the regular HSCC2 class:

    • We will master more material at a higher level of thinking and application, and I will expect you to stay current.
    • You will be challenged to think and reason rather than just memorize processes.


    With the implementation of the Common Core, the Meridian School District chose to use the Mathematics Vision Project from Utah.  There is not a physical textbook.  Parents and students can view these materials online at:  http://www.mathematicsvisionproject.org 

    I will be adding quite a bit of supplemental materials to be sure that students get the presentation and practice that I believe they need to succeed in math and to be ready for the ISAT and SAT/ACT tests. 


    The MVP classroom experience begins by confronting students with an engaging problem and then allows them to grapple with solving it.  As students’ ideas emerge, take form, and are shared, the teacher orchestrates the student discussions and explorations towards a focused mathematical goal.  As conjectures are made and explored, teachers use formative assessment to guide students as they embrace effective strategies for analyzing and solving problems.  Students justify their own thinking while clarifying, describing, comparing, and questioning the thinking of others.

    Since the In-class Task is when the students’ ideas emerge, are shared, and explored, being in class every day is very important.  If a student has to miss class, they should work the task out on their own before returning, along with the “Ready, Set, Go”.


    As with any skill-based activity or subject, without practice, perfection can not be achieved.  In this class, if you choose not to faithfully practice, you should not expect to fully understand or to perform well on test day.


    I am excited to get to know each student and share my passion for math with them.

    I plan on helping each one have a memorable and successful year of learning.