Retirement Benefits

  • Retirement Plan The West Ada School District understands the importance of understanding your retirement. Our goal is to equip you with information needed to make the best-educated decision about your retirement.

    • Any certified, classified or administrators thinking and planning to retire please notify your supervisor/principal, by submitting a retirement letter, as soon as possible so we can move forward with a replacement for your position.

    • About six (6) months prior to your anticipated retirement, contact PERSI by calling 334-3365 or visit their website at for a benefit estimate.  If you have already received a benefit estimate (not an annual account statement), and you are going to retire on the date specified in the estimate, contact PERSI six weeks prior to retirement to receive a retirement application and to set up an appointment to finalize your paperwork.  Minimum age to retire with PERSI is age 55 in order to receive a monthly retirement benefit.

    • Human Resources will contact you once your retirement letter/termination paperwork is received with additional information.

    How to figure Sick Leave Entitlement: 

    • The balance of your remaining sick hours can be used to continue your benefits.   Take unused sick hours times .5 times hourly rate of pay equals amount available to purchase retiree insurance.  After that sum is exhausted, you may continue these benefits by paying with your retirement funds.

    You may continue any combination of group benefits that you wish:  medical, vision, dental, and life (if applicable).

    2020 district retiree insurance monthly premiums:  (subject to change)



    Blue Cross Medical (under age 65)

    Willamette Dental

    Delta Dental

    United Heritage VSP Vision






    Retiree + Spouse





    Retiree + Child





    Retiree + Children





    Retiree + Spouse + Child










    $50,000 Term Life Insurance for an employee is $26.50. This coverage reduces to 65% or valued at $32,500 at age 65 and terminates at age 70.

    Retirees age 65  and older may continue with health insurance but it transitions to Medicare and you may purchase a Statewide Schools Retiree plan, MedPlus CarePlus plans or Medicare Advantage plans offered by Blue Cross of Idaho to act as a secondary policy to Medicare (this DOES NOT apply to those retirees currently on a spouse’s insurance plan, either with the district or other agency).   Dental and vision insurance is a lifetime benefit as long as the retiree is willing to continue paying the premium.

    Inquire about current rates for the Statewide School Retiree plan, MedPlus CarePlus or Medicare Advantage plans offered by Blue Cross of Idaho (vary by year) by calling (208) 345-4550 or visit Blue Cross of Idaho’s website to make an informed decision. These premiums may be deducted from retiree’s sick leave entitlement fund at PERSI or be billed directly. A retiree will need to know which plan they intend to sign up for at the time of the district retiree meeting even if Blue Cross requires a separate application.

    Contact Social Security Administration for questions you have regarding Social Security benefits, and Part A, B and Part D of Medicare or

    Rev. 11.5.19