• Welcome to MHS Accounting I/BSU Accounting 205!


    Accounting is an information system designed to identify, process, and communicate financial information that is useful for making economic decisions.  The objectives of the course include the following: (1) to learn the basics of financial accounting, including analyzing business transactions, recording journal entries, and preparing financial statements, (2) to understand the rationale for current accounting practices and the decisions that are made using accounting information, and (3) to help you develop a greater appreciation for the important role accounting plays in the success of every business enterprise.  Class Syllabus


    Students have the option of registering for concurrent credit for Accounting 205 with Boise State.  
    Most student assignments, and the e-textbook, are available in MyAccountingLab.  Students can click the link below and use their account to login.  Assignments are also posted on the Accounting Calendar. 
    For all assignments during the soft closure please see the Accounting page on the MHS Remote Learning site