• Career Technical Education Curriculum

    Professional-technical education programs are offered at every high school. Each school’s course handbook will list the courses and programs it offers.  Magnet programs are offered at the Ada Professional-Technical Center, Centennial High School, and Meridian Professional-Technical Center.  

    Agriculture Science and Natural Resource Management
         -- Animal Science Pathway
         -- Botany Pathway
         -- Mechanical Pathway
         -- Welding Pathway
    Automotive Technology 
    Business, Marketing, and Office Technology
         -- Accounting Pathway
         -- Administrative Services Pathway
    Collision Repair 
    Computer Programming/Science/Web Design
         -- Programming Pathway
         -- Web Design Pathway
    Construction Trades 
         -- Construction Pathway
         -- Digital Home Technology Integration
         -- Masonry Pathway
    Culinary Arts 
    Family and Consumer Science
         -- Culinary Arts  
         -- Early Childhood Professions Pathway
         -- Education Assistant Pathway
    Health Professions 
         -- Certified Nursing Assistant Pathway
         -- Emergncy Medical Technician Pathway
         -- Pharmacy Technician Pathway  
         -- Sports Medicine Pathway  
    High School of Business
    Media Technologies  
         -- Broadcast Technology Pathway
         -- Digital Photography Pathway
         -- Graphic Communications Pathway
         -- Journalism Pathway
    Police, Fire, and Emergency Services 
         -- Emergency Medical Technician Pathway  
         -- Fire Service Pathway
         -- Law Enforcement, Detention & Corrections Pathway