Module 8: Circles and Other Conics
    Overview of Classroom Tasks: 
    • A Develop Understanding Task   ==> Students may feel unsure during and after these lessons
    • A Solidify Understanding Task   ==> Students should have a good understanding after these lessons    
    • A Practice Understanding Task   ==> Students should have a mastery after these lessons
     Overview of RSG's : Ready, Set, Go
    • Ready   ==> Problems based on prior knowledge in preparation of the next lesson
    • Set   ==> Problems based upon the current lessons activities
    • Go   ==> Problems based upon prior knowledge 

    This document contains an overview of Module 8

    Below are the extra documents Mrs. Weaver has added for Module 8 practice and drill.  If you are absent or if you need another copy, you can print from the links below.  You can also just bring them up on your monitor and then do the problems on a piece of notebook paper.