Dear Parents,


    It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the TOOLBOX Program!


    Peregrine uses the  12 Tools of TOOLBOX program to teach students useful life skills.  The program likens tools to skills children can carry around inside of them to use to improve relationships, solve problems as well as raise confidence and  independence.  Peregrine staff teaches the tools to students, models their use in interactions with students and expects students to use their tools in all learning settings. 


    The 12 tools of the Toolbox are:


    1. Breathing Tool              7. Garbage Can Tool
    2. Quiet/ Safe Place Tool  8. Taking Time Tool  
    3. Listening Tool       9.  Please/Thank You Tool
    4. Empathy Tool  10. Apology/Forgiveness Tool
    5. Personal Space Tool           11.  Patience Tool
    6. Using Our Words Tool        12.  Courage Tool


    The Tools are simple and encompass many skills we all want our children to use.  Attached are a flyer and guide you could use at home as a conversation starter about the Tools.   You could ask your child what they are learning in school about the Tools and facilitate discussions about ways they could use the Tools at home.  Be sure to ask your children about the symbols and hand gestures that go with each Tool. 


    Thank you,


    Brandon Markham, Peregrine School Counselor


    Toolbox Tool Descriptions Handout

    Toolbox 12 Tools Poster

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