Health Services

  • Mission Statement

    To enhance the educational potential of all students by promoting wellness and facilitating the management of health conditions which create barriers to learning.

    The West Ada Health Services Department is made up of Registered Nurses and Health Technicians. One or both members may be staffing the school health office at any time during the school day.

    The registered nurse supports student learning by identifying health and safety concerns within the school environment, promoting injury prevention, recognizing, preventing, and controlling communicable diseases all in addition to providing everyday nursing care. They provide health education, preventative health services, and screenings, and referral services for students, parents, and staff. They support students with special medical needs by providing continuity of care in the school and across various settings. This is accomplished through the coordination, planning, and delivery of health services.

    Health Technicians are unlicensed assistive personnel, trained by the registered nurse to assist in providing care including first aid to the ill or injured. The Health Tech also supports the registered nurse in maintaining student files, immunizations, and assisting with student health screenings.



    West Ada School District is committed to the safety and health of all students and staff. Along with school districts across the nation, the district enacted a Wellness Policy to support wellness activities for students and staff.

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