Vision Screening

  • Vision screening may uncover certain vision problems that may have a negative impact on your child's scholastic performance. Vision screening may pick up certain problems, but not all. It is not intended to replace a complete vision and eye health exam performed by your eye doctor.  Vision screening is conducted in the fall for students in grades 1, 3, and 5.

    Most eye doctors recommend that your child have a complete vision and eye health exam by the age of 3 years and then every other year after that if you have no concerns. If your child has glasses it is recommended they see the eye doctor annually.

    We do not screen students who wear or are supposed to wear glasses since they have already been identified as needing them. Their eye doctor will be able to better meet their needs.


    Please feel free to contact the school nurse in your building if you have questions.

Hearing Screening

  • Healthy hearing is vital for learning and even a mild hearing impairment can put a child at a disadvantage in the more demanding listening environment of the classroom because of noise, reverberation and distance from the speaker or sound source. Early detection of hearing problems is essential to prevent delayed academic progress.   A hearing screening is conducted at all elementary schools.

    Child in a Hearing Screening

    If you have any questions please contact your school nurse.