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Friday Communication Folder:

Friday Folders are a way of informing you of your child’s behavior choices for the week.  Any unfinished class work will also come home in the folder as homework to be completed and returned. Please feel free to write in the folder at any time as a way of communicating with me as well. Folders will need to be returned on Mondays. I will be providing the initial Friday Folder. 



Students have the option to bring in a small snack to have after P.M. recess.

  • Please discuss not sharing snacks with other students due to allergies.
  • Our school has adopted a healthy eating policy. Please send in snacks that follow our school’s guidelines. Some healthy choices may include: cheese sticks, apple slices, oranges that have been peeled, or are easily peeled by your child, carrots, crackers etc.
  • Please make sure snack can be eaten in a short amount of time.
  • Due to allergies please do not send in items containing nuts and/or peanuts.
  • Water bottles labeled with your child’s name will be stored in the cubby area. Students may get drinks throughout the day if we are not having a story or whole group instruction.


Behavior Choices:

Students will keep a behavior sheet in the Friday Folder.  It will have a colored mark on it for each day your child is in class.  This color will indicate your child’s behavior choices for each day.  We all need a “do-over” at times, so I think that it’s important that students have the opportunity to begin each day fresh and new…on “Great”/Green.


I expect most, if not all students to be on green for “Great” most days.  If your child is on yellow or red I will send a quick note (“Uh-Oh Note’/or you may see a “Pink Slip” has been sent home.) 


Green = Good behavior choices were made throughout the day.  Example; If a behavior is observed and a request is made by the classroom teacher for the child to correct the talking, roaming, or other similar behaviors, and the child responds to the request, the child has made a choice to follow the directions.  Great!


Yellow = A student has chosen not to follow directions after a request was made of him or her. The child will lose a certain amount of recess or have a “time-out” in the classroom. Behavior choices should then improve throughout the day.  If behavior choices do not improve, the child’s folder color will move to red. Your child will have a note for parents to sign and return.


Red = Pink Slip. The student has made one or more behavior choices throughout the day that were not positive choices. For pushing, shoving, spitting, fighting, cursing, disrespectful language to staff/adults etc. a Pink Slip will be given, and your child will bypass the yellow folder color option.  Pink Slips may be issued by all staff members.  The student may lose a certain amount of recess in addition to the pink slip.  Pink slips need to be signed and returned the next day.  It is a student’s ticket back to the playground.


If you know that your child is having difficulty dealing with a situation at home or at school, I greatly appreciate a “heads up” call, note or email.



When picking up or dropping off students please park in the designated parking spaces and meet your student at the flag pole and/or walk them to the flag pole. If you expect to make a quick pick up or drop off and will not be getting out of your car, you may use the pull through lane. This is for the safety of all students.  Please send a note or call the front office if you are making alternate arrangements for the day.


Birthdays: Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on sending in items or treats for your child’s birthday.  We will celebrate all summer birthdays at the end of the year. 


School Hours

Daily Bells (Except Wed.)

   1st Bell 9:05 AM

   Tardy Bell 9:10

   Release 3:55  


Wednesday Bells

         1st Bell 9:20 AM


         Tardy 9:25 AM


         Release 3:55