Volleyball tryouts will begin at 3:00 pm on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021. 8th graders will be in the main gym and the 7th graders are in the aux. gym. All girls who want to play will be placed on a team and be able to play. The players must purchase an activity card ($22.26) and pay the districts participation fee ($90) before the first game. The uniform will be provided.

    All volleyball matches are played at the host school and will start at 4:15 pm with the second match beginning after the first is over, usually at 5:15. The 8A and 7A team will play in the main gyms and the 8B and 7B teams will play in the Auxiliary gyms. Only the 8A team participates in the year end tournament. If we have more girls tryout then we will add however many C teams that are needed and those schedules will be posted after teams are chosen.

    The schedule for the A & B teams is below.

    Date Opponent Site
    Mon Aug 30 Heritage Middle HMS
    Wed Sept 1 Meridian Middle SMS
    Fri Sept 10 Lewis & Clark Middle SMS
    Mon Sept 13 Victory Middle VMS
    Wed Sept 15 Heritage Middle SMS
    Fri Sept 17 Star Middle SMS
    Mon Sept 20 Meridian Middle MMS
    Wed Sept 22 Eagle EMS
    Mon Sept 27 Lake Hazel SMS
    Wed Sept 29 Lowell Scott LSMS
    Tues Oct 5-7 8A Tournament MMS
    First match begins at 4:15.
    8th grade plays first on 8/30, 9/1, 9/10 & 9/13.
    7th grade plays first on 9/15, 9/17, 9/20, 9/22, 9/27 & 9/29.
    8A Coach Emily Linsenmann  
    8B Coach    
    7A Coach Bridget Cardwell  
    7 B Coach