Welcome to Honors English 9!

  • I am looking forward to reading and writing with each of you over the next year! On the left hand side bar you will find helpful links and tools which will help you in this course. Be sure to check this site regularly for assignments and handouts.

    A description of the course:

    Honors English 9 provides opportunities for students to improve their reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills for college and career readiness.  Students will be expected to take responsibility for their learning as they develop a foundation of the required language arts skills in these areas.  Word study and presentation for a variety of audiences and purpose is important.  Students will learn strategies to help them appreciate, comprehend, and respond to a wide variety of texts.

    Please note that as an Honors class this is a more rigorous course. Honors students will be expected to complete outside reading for homework on a daily basis, write longer essays, and prepare for in-class written exams.