"Reward Time" Points System:


    The PBI program at EMS is going to be looking at a new system based on expected student behavior in each of their classes. I am moving away from the Level System and moving towards a system that is based on points given by their teacher for each class.  I have developed a chart of expectations that are expected (see below) for receiving points.  Also a consequence is listed for the PBI Classroom. This is how PBI is going to approach a behavior problem with any of our students. EMS PBI understands that certain approaches work differently with each student. So each student will have an individualized plan. Students can earn 1 to 3 points for meeting expectations in all classroom throught the school day. Categories include: Responsibility, Respect, Honesty and Perseverance guide these expectations.   We will have DAILY AND WEEKLY totals that will allow them rewards. Advisory Not Counted!

    We as PBI staff are not as much worried about (F’s), as we are a student giving effort and trying. Just sitting is not acceptable.

    Example Behavior Form

    My ultimate goal is student has a sheet in their possession for their teacher to give them immediate feedback on their classroom behavior.

    The second part of this will be a student behavior reinforcement tool for the student to meet expectations in all classes. The student will pack a form (as shown in the above example that is individualized with some items related to their IEP goal(s). For example SHOWING RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, HONESTY AND BEING ABLE TO PERSEVERE THROUGH TOUGH SITUATIONS THEY FIND THEMSELVES IN are key to school success. If they are caught exemplifying these behaviors, they will be rewarded!

     Each students behavior form will be INDIVIDUALIZED!